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Leaded and Cameo Glass Fireplace Screen

Signed Jacques Grüber

Circa 1900

A one of a kind leaded and cameo glass fireplace screen. The progressively etched glass cameo depicts a forest and mountain scene. Created and signed by the artist.


Jacques Grüber (January 25, 1870 - December 15, 1936, France) was among the best-known French artists of the Jugendstil and Art Déco. He was the master glassworker in Nancy and was sought out by Louis Majorelle, Eugène Corbin, and Albert Bergeret as well as the Chamber of Commerce, the Exelsior brasserie, the Crédit Lyonnais bank, the Magasins Réunis, etc.

The graphic and pictorial quality of his work, inspired by naturalism as well as symbolism, is a veritable synthesis of the glassmaking techniques of the time.

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