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A Tribute to Dan

Dan Johnson

Owner of Continuum Antique + Collectables

"What started as a side job of rewiring lamps, turned into a passion for antique lighting and living in his most favorite place, Cape Cod."

In his own words...

Providing the finest, quality restored, antique lighting for over 30 years. We have over 400 unique fixtures, most of which you won't find anywhere else.

His Story...

My story started in high school working a part-time job rewiring lamps. Later, while at university earning my B.S. in Business & Marketing, I swung a deal with one of my professors to rewire some lamps he had for $5 each. This was a huge improvement over the 75 cents/hour that the college cafeteria was paying. Word spread and I was soon rewiring lamps for, well, just about everyone around. I then spent 17 years working different traditional jobs in industrial marketing, research and sales, though my lighting passion was never far from my mind.

During this time, I visited many antique shops and collected a pretty large collection of old lamps. I then opened my first shop, in Connecticut, on a part-time basis while I was still holding my full-time job. Also, during this time, I spent many summer weeks on Cape Cod. Well, after 8 years of running my Connecticut shop, I decided that my two passions, antique lighting and Cape Cod was going to become my destiny and opened my shop in Orleans.

Dan made quite an impact on the Cape and with the people he met and made friends. You will always hear the same story, "Dan helped me with...." or "Could not have done it without Dan", or even "If anyone can, Dan can".

Dan passed away on January 5, 2016 at the age of 72.

In 2017, Sandwich Antiques Center acquired Dan's collection. We are proud to keep his love for antique lighting alive. Those lamps and fixtures were his passion, may they continue to shine. Stop by and let us show you some of his beautiful pieces, along with the stories that truly made Dan a part of Cape Cod.

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