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Negotiation… The Art Of ?…

Negotiation… The Art Of ?…

Can the process really be called an Art ?… Playing an instrument is an art, creating a painting is an art, and while it could be said that “negotiating” say an international peace treaty or trade agreement would qualify at least as a skill… and perhaps an Art… But for most folks we’ll likely never encounter this level, and not the subject here… Perhaps it is the perception that it is an art, that seems to keep many people from even attempting…

At it’s simplest, it begins with one party having something another party needs or desires, it could be almost anything. Assuming both parties are interested in a potential transaction… There is opportunity…. a potential seller and a potential buyer.

More often than not, in these situations the process has actually already begun by virtue of the seller having “priced” the goods, services, etc, and has in fact… “Made An Offer”… to sell.

This is the point where many great opportunities never materialize… and “great” of course, means for all parties… The seller has “Made An Offer”… The buyer is interested, and as often as not, has expressed that interest… Yet for some reason the transaction goes no further.

Perhaps it’s back to that perception of it being an “Art” that intimidates ? Impossible to know for sure… However, should one find themselves in such a position… Gee, I’d like to do this but… There is a simple first step… Make An Offer !… It seems that many folks can be uncomfortable… Fear Not !… Don’t be intimidated, step up and “Make An Offer”… You will NOT embarrass yourself !… and while your offer may ultimately not be accepted, you will NOT insult the seller !

This applies to many more opportunities than one might think… Keep it in mind the next time your considering a computer, television, furniture, hotels, etc… Yes, even at the big box store… It never hurts to ask… “is that the best you can do” ? You may be pleasantly surprised ! So… The Moral of the story… Don’t be shy or intimidated…

“Make An Offer” !

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