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What's In A Word?

What's in a Word ?.... In this case the word being Antiques.... It seems that to generations coming after that of our grandparents, to conjure a different image.... dusty "old" stuff in gramma's funky smelling basement...Not interested... Not cool.

So what is an Antique ?... The "technical" criteria is anything that is 100 years old or better. So by definition, anything, by virtue of simply being this old, is an Antique. In actual practice however, the term applies to a much broader range of time... "Mid Century Modern" (circa 1920 thru as late as 1980) being one of the latest timeframes to grace the "Antique" venues of the moment.

We try to apply (or not) the term differently... Given the vast array of what can be called "Antique"... what qualifies as worth the

effort ?... Does it catch one's attention ?...

Upon closer inspection, does it say anything about who made

it ?... It's design, it's execution, it's materials... Was it made with any forethought ? Those "Antiques" will tell you so... Good or Bad we all end up telling our story...

Add some history... and it invariably comes around to the period from when people had to make what they needed for themselves (the beginning ?) and evolved into a time when labor was cheap and technology was expensive... The phrase “ They don’t make em’ like that anymore” refers back to when everything was made by hand… You either made it yourself, or if you could purchase it, it was made by a craftsperson…. even if it was being “mass produced”.

Today we live in a world where technology is cheap and labor is expensive… and as such, technology touches every aspect of our lives… including everything we make or buy. This is not meant to imply that quality and craftsmanship no longer exist… they are alive and well, however today it seems one must seek them out among the mass of mediocrity our disposable world has become… and can often be more costly given todays labor costs.

However, we all must still buy things… even the everyday items, the glasses, plates and silverware… the table and chairs we have dinner at, the couch we watch tv from… pretty much everything we require… exists in an “antique” state… already performing it’s intended purpose for decades before Ikea even existed, or anything you buy there will last.

So the next time you need to purchase something… anything… consider rethinking the word “Antique”… and spend your hard earned cash bringing some crazy cool quality into your world !… and of course, we would love it if you started with us !

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